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        Lewallen Farms, a 400 acre Farm located in the North Georgia Mountains, was started out by Peggy and Larry Lewallen when they purchased a 10 acre tract in the early 1990's. Larry had always knew he wanted a large farm to continue on his family legacy. As time went on, Larry and Peggy acquired almost 400 acres and have grown Lewallen Farms into what it is today.

Lori Monroe


Tiffany Coxe

Lori Monroe is one of our Lead Wedding Consultants at Lewallen Farms. She can be found all over the farm when it comes to day of a Wedding. If she is not out scrounging for decorations around the farm, she can be found ensuring all Brides are comfortable and they feel welcome. Lori also handles our vendor relationships, conducting tours around the farm, and booking weddings. If Lori is not working on Weddings, you can find her managing our Farm Store and digging in the Gardens to bring the farm fresh taste to your family! Lori's favorite part of the wedding day is getting to know the Bride's on a personal level, and bringing their different styles out at the Farm.

Tiffany Coxe is our other Lead Wedding Consultant at Lewallen Farms. Tiffany schedules all meetings at the Farm and gives you a great idea on what your big day can be like! She can also be found giving tours, booking weddings, and meeting with all Brides to ensure their day is planned out to a T! If you are planning out your big day, Tiffany will be giving you pointers along the way to make your big day the best day ever! Tiffany also handles all marketing, and ensures that everyone is getting a close look on what we offer at the Farm! Tiffany's favorite part of the wedding day is finally getting to see the Brides walk down the aisle to their perfect someone after all the planning and waiting!

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  1. Hello,

    This place looks so good, I may want to get married again – – – nah ! ! Just joking. Best of luck with this project.

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