Fresh Meats

Lewallen Farm’s goal is to provide local growing families with fresh, tasty, and healthy food. Our chickens, cattle, and pigs free-range on the farm all day long.

We also provide plenty of fresh meats to offer as well! From Fresh Beef or Chicken to Pork and Lamb. Please call to find out what is in stock today!

Angus Cattle


1. Ground Beef:

2. Beef bones:

3. Beef Liver:

$8.00 Per Pound

$5.00 Per 3 Pounds

$5.00 Per Pound

egg layers


1. Eggs:

2. Whole Chickens:

3. Chicken Backs:

4. Chicken Feet:

5. Chicken Legs:

$6.00 per dozen

$10.00 Per 4-5 Pounds

$5.00 Per 6 Total

$5.00 Per 6 Total

$5.00 Per 2 Total




1. Pork Sausage                        $6.00 per Pound