Choosing your Wedding Venue

You have just gotten engaged to the most important person in your life and then comes along the stress of the wedding planning! Where do we get married? What theme will we go with? I need to start a new pinterest board! All Brides think the same exact things… we promise!

Typically one of the first steps in planning your wedding is determining your date and your venue. Your venue can be the biggest help to you because majority of them offer All-Inclusive packages that just wipe out everything with the whole “planning a wedding” concept. You don’t have to find vendors or schedule a million meetings with people you have never even met before. They do it for you! You get vendors that have worked at the venue before and they know their way around, which is a big help on the day of the wedding! Wedding venue owners are the people who have seen it all. They have witnessed great vendors and bad vendors and great weddings and bad weddings. They know what you want and how your day should flow. This is why it is very important to to choose a wedding venue that has great people who work for them, whether that be their coordinators or vendors.


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